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Lighting Ramp RTS 1m

Pleasant atmosphere behind the lighting strip, remote control of light. Works right after turning on. Quick installation and comfort.


Radio communication via RTS


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Lighting Ramp RTS 1m




Advantages and benefits of strips

Create a nice evening atmosphere
- Illuminate your terrace and use it after dark (extends the time to use the terrace)
- fluent lighting regulation, from various places, from 0 to 100%
- Lighting orientation (movable panel and movable headlight)

Easy to use and adapt to control needs
- With one click of the "us" button you can set your favorite lighting level. This level can easily be set to a different value.
- The lighting level can be easily controlled from several locations using several RTS remote controls.

Integrate the panel into the environment
- The aluminum panel works well with the facade
- Chrome reflector housing
- Integrated lighting system with RTS radio receiver in the panel

Energy saving
- Ability to save 50% of energy when using the appropriately set "we"


Plug & Play
- After mechanical installation, the panel is ready for operation.
Built-in RTS radio receiver
- The lighting panel is remotely controlled. It has a built-in, completely invisible, radio receiver.
Installation on awning
Wall mounting is also possible.
Smooth adjustment
- Adjustable light intensity from 0 to 100%.
- You can set the lighting at the pre-programmed level by pressing "my" button.
The panel and headlight can be positioned in different positions
- To achieve the desired effect, you can set the position of the entire panel as well as set each of the headlights.
Halogen headlamps 20 W
- (20 W, 300 lumens)
- Two models: 3x20 W or 5x20 W

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