Advantages of mechanical keyboard RK61

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Advantages of mechanical keyboard RK61

More and more young players are looking for good quality gaming equipment. Knowing all the advantages of the RK61 mechanical keyboard, it can be said that this is a product created for people who want to have a reliable peripheral device that allows trouble-free communication with a gaming computer.


 klawiatura mechaniczna gemingowa


Advantages of the RK61 mechanical keyboard - is it good equipment for the player?


A young player usually begins his adventure with gaming by buying a computer and appropriate keyboard. There are two most common options to choose from - mechanical and furniture keyboards. For many years, computer game enthusiasts believe that mechanical keyboards, which differ from the membrane ones, are the best. In the "mechanic" pressing the selected key immediately sends a signal to the computer. In the case of a membrane keyboard, the key is activated only when it is fully pressed down. This is because the rubber has to contact the membrane for the signal to be given.

Mechanical keyboards do not have this disadvantage, because even a gentle press of the button at +/- 1.5 to 2 mm results in the impulse being transferred to the screen. In addition, the gaming mechanical keyboard has a much more durable construction, and its minimum life is estimated at 30 to 80 million strokes. Mechanical keyboards for the player also withstand their accidental flooding. These are peripheral devices whose switches, in contrast to traditional membranes, have their own housing, which is why liquids that get inside do not come into contact with the printed circuit board and cannot cause any short circuit.

Which mechanical keyboard is right for the player?

One of the leading manufacturers of mechanical keyboards is the Royal Kludge brand. The peripheral device they created with ABS keys with high mechanical resistance to damage and intensive use will surely surprise many fans of computer games. The rk61 keyboard is a peripheral device that has many advantages, such as:

   - black and white version,
   - keyboard comfort (non-locking system of keys) - does not cause excessive load on fingers and wrist, even after many hours of playing,
  -  trouble-free service at night and in complete darkness,
  -  manufacturer's warranty for long device life,

    The RK61 mechanical keyboard is adapted to the requirements of both veterans of computer games and people who have recently been passionate about this way of spending free time.

The compact mechanical wireless keyboard RK61 can be used anywhere.


Mechanical gaming keyboard 60% RGB - a device worth recommending

The Royal Kludge mechanical keyboard is equipped with a very compact and easy to carry 61 - key layout. The equipment we recommend additionally supports NKRO in wired mode. The small mechanical keyboard designed by Royal Kludge is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac. In Bluetooth and USB mode, Wired Dual Mode maintains compatibility with system devices (Android and IOS). Bluetooth or USB connectivity means that when you use the keyboard, you can pair three different devices between which the player switches using the shortcuts: FN + Q, FN + W, FN + E. This peripheral device is very comfortable, because it is compatible with both a desktop computer (classic PC and all MAC models), laptop (preferably the gaming one), tablet and mobile phone.

Switch in the RK 61 mechanical keyboard

The best mechanical keyboards are equipped with functional backlit switches. Usually these are brown and red models, although you can also come across a blue switch version. A mechanical keyboard with brown switches is very popular, which guarantees a noticeable moment of operation. During their work, there is also no characteristic, quite loud click, which often accompanies blue switches. The keyboard with brown switches is a hybrid solution between line and Clicky buttons that allows you to play and use this device also for writing. This provides a slight perceptible resistance, located in the middle of the pressed key. In turn, the red switch keyboard is dedicated to people who care about using it mainly for gaming. These are line switches with 45g of pressure. Therefore, red switches are considered a typical gaming solution, created for all die-hard computer game fans.


klawiatura mechaniczna red switch


The mechanical gaming keyboard, although it costs much more than this membrane, perfectly fulfills its task and will be easily accessible to every player. This wide device ensures smooth gaming in all conditions and in any chosen place.


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