1.      Royal Kludge RK61 bluetooth keyboard Wired Dual Mode 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RED SWITCH
  2.      USB cable type C
  3.      Key exchange keycap
  4.      Instructions in English

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Mechanical keyboard white Royal Kludge RK61 bluetooth for players

60% wireless keyboard that is extremely popular among players. Many possibilities of individual software. Wireless bluetooth connection. Illuminated keys. Red switches, Anti-Ghosting

Keyboard dimensions:

  1.      Length 292 mm
  2.      102 mm wide
  3.      40 mm high

We are a direct representative of the Royal Kludge keyboard and mouse manufacturer

Transport from Poland in 48 hours, we provide 1 year warranty for non-mechanically damaged electronic parts.

rk61 keyboard


The keyboard has an ultra-compact 61-key layout that can be easily replaced (60% keyboard layout). Has red switches.

Characteristics of red switches:

Pressure force: 45g

Type: linear (so-called lineary)

Purpose: games less writing

Buttons with full smooth motion, typically gaming. The keys push very lightly and smoothly, they are the softest of all switches.

(on request I send the sound of the keyboard keys as a sound recording).

 rk61 keyboard


ABS buttons with double pressure, almost 1.5 mm high, durable and wear-resistant.

Keyboard with Anti-Ghosting function


The keys work when you press more than six keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This is useful in single-player or dual-player games where players must press multiple keys at the same time.



Backlight RGB keys using 17 backlight modes - various options.

You can change the intensity, color and organization of the backlight using a key combination or using the Royal Kludge program



Fully compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; not only for use with a desktop computer, but also for connecting to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

10 meters range when connected to bluetooth devices. You can control the device directly from the couch.

You can write messages on your phone using the keyboard.




All keycaps have the option of individual software.




 How to connect bluetooth?

1. Turn on the power switch on the bottom of the keyboard.

2. Press Fn + Tab to turn on bluetooth mode.

3. Press Fn + P to enable Bluetooth search.

4. Press Fn + Q / W / E to connect a Bluetooth device.

Instructional video: https://youtu.be/nQolN_cELjw


Questions & Answers

Q: Some keys (y, u, i, h, j, k, n, m, comma, backspace) do not work,

A: You must press Fn + Ctrl (left) to return to writing mode from play mode

Q: How do you switch between the arrow key and the question mark

A: Press Fn + Enter to switch between the arrow key function and question mark function

Q: The keyboard does not respond when connecting to a computer for the first time using a USB cable

A: Press Fn + Q / W / E to switch between wired and wireless mode because the keyboard may be in wireless mode during startup.

Introduction to the controller functions

RK61 RGB controller, custom RGB lighting only applies to RGB models, other models are not available.

The supported functions of this driver are as follows:


1. Supports 8 key feature settings

1) Key mapping (replaces the key on the keyboard)

2) Mouse mapping (replaces the mouse button)

3) Macro keys (one key replaces a series of key operations)

4) Combo function (one key replaces pressing up to three selected keys simultaneously)

5) Run the program with one click

6) One-click multimedia function (volume control, playback control, computer opening, calculator, etc.)

7) Windows shortcut keys (paste, copy, close the application, etc.)

8) Deactivating the key


2. Supports custom backlight mode

1) The system prefabricates 19 lighting modes

2) Custom RGB backlight mode (you can assign individual backlights and effects to individual keys)

3) Speed ​​of backlight change, direction change, brightness adjustment


3. Game mode support

1) Support to disable the Windows key

2) Alt + F4 support

3) Alt + Tab support


4. Key macro recording


Driver link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FdvWg8j6CGjuzMCnXOuek2pAvrOKK8no


RK61 keyboard



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