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Sunea Screen 40 io VVF 3m

SUNEA SCREEN 40 io - universal external drive for screens and awnings.

An advanced drive that fits all types of awnings.

The first range of drives for fabric blinds, awnings with side arms, lambrequins, etc. based on 40 mm fan tubes, with reverse control in the io-homecontrol system.

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Comfort without the slightest effort

- Two-way radio control (you get information about the position of the awning) enables remote and effortless control of the awning from your phone or tablet
- Clicking the "my" button on the remote control sets the awning in a programmed, comfortable position
Appearance and endurance

- Tight sealing of the cassette in a perfect way protects the material against mold
- Regardless of the weather conditions, the material is well tight,
- The material on the entire surface is properly draped, even for large awnings and winter gardens
Benefits obtained with io-homecontrol radio control

- Simple operation of solar and wind automation
- Using the remote control, you can create a product group and set the sun sensor threshold for them
- It allows to increase safety, comfort and energy saving, thanks to the connection with the whole house control system




Advantages and features of the product

     Universal drive for external sun visors (with and without cassettes).
     Leakproof closing of the cassette awning cassette
     Electronic obstacle recognition - 3 levels of sensitivity (up)
     Loosening after rolling the tensioned material in the cassette
     Alignment of fabric length changes.
     The function of stretching the developed material.
     The choice of type of adjustment of end positions is possible: once, temporarily, permanently (default).
     Very quiet operation (similar to the NL 40 series) in awnings and vertical sun visors.
     The new generation has a very quiet brake (similar to the NL 40 series) in both awnings and vertical sun visors.
     Quick and easy installation.
     Remote, manual or semi-automatic adjustment of the end positions using the remote control, depending on your preferences.


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