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Drive Oximo 50 and 30/17

Interactive roller shutter drive system with Somfy Drive Control ™ and integrated, patented radio antenna.

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Each roller can be equipped with electric drive!

Whether you have a new home or an existing one, we have a solution that fits your various types of blinds.



Basic information

Device with homecontrol® technology

The advantages of this technology are: safe electrical connections, feedback signal, control of all devices and about


- optimizing the amount of light coming through the window
- allows you to choose your own comfortable position
- automatic protection with sun sensor
- TaHoma or Connexoo central control
- combined with a sun sensor, sun protection and helps regulate the temperature


protection of the roller shutter mechanism
- Extend your work time with Somfy control
- security in case of an obstacle, when moving down
- frost protection


- locking mechanism (with rigid hangers) roller shutters, which increases safety and simulates presence


There is a small drive, which allows for installation in narrow windows

Key advantages and benefits


The benefits of homecontrol®: safety, feedback, control of all devices


- optimizing the amount of light coming through the window
- Comfortable position
- together with the sunlight sensor securing the house
- central control
- The sun sensor protects the house from the sun and helps control the temperature of the interior


protection of roller shutter drive
- Longer service life thanks to Somfy control
- safety when closing
- protection in case of shutter freezing

Additional advantages of roller blinds offered:

Constant and constant torque control through integrated electronic system.
There are four types of adjustment of the end positions - automatic, two semi-automatic and manual. For automatic limit settings, automatic correction of their positions. For manual adjustment possibility of manual correction.

All adjustments are made using transmitters and / or remote controls.
Allows you to position any comfort position to optimize visibility and illumination.
With AutoScan, each io-homecontrol drive can always be selected.
Each drive can be individually named. The drive name appears on the driver display and is easy to find.


Important information about operation in automatic mode (electronics controls end positions):
Lower position - the shutter armor must have a rigid and stable connection to the winding tube. For this purpose, locking handles such as Lock to Play must be used.
Upper position - compulsory mounting of bumpers (fixed stops fixed in the bottom blind slats).

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