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Ixengo L 3S io + Connexoon (drive for swing gates and central system)

Promotional set Ixengo L 3S io + Connexoon Somfy (17% cheaper)



     1 Connexoon - central control system
     2 drives for the Ixengo L 3S io - 24V gate from Somfy
     1 Keygo 4-channel remote control,
     1 set of Master PRO Bitech photocells
     1 SOMFY 3S io control panel with radio

Two-way communication via radio encrypted and io

io tehnology

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Promotional set Ixengo L 3S io + Connexoon Somfy


By purchasing a drive for the Ixengo L 3S io double leaf gate and the Connexoon central control system in the promotional set you save 17% of the full amount.

Treat yourself to a bit of comfort by controlling the Somfy gate drive using a smartphone.

When you come back home or when you are in the garden you do not have to look for a remote control anymore, the pilot is always with you if the smartphone is with you.

leaf gate


Benefits of the promotional

  1.      Mobile access and control of Somfy devices connected to the central unit
  2.      Possibility to create scenarios of cooperating devices (alarm, lighting, gate drives)
  3.      GPS geolocation that allows you to run selected devices when you're approaching your home.

Central CONNEXOON Access system


     When approaching the house, open the double-leaf gate, garage door, turn on the light in the house with one button on your smartphone. Then close all gates and doors automatically when you leave home.

Easy assembly of the device

     There is no need for internet access in the place of installation. The assembly of the Connexoon Access device and the connection of devices such as a gate operator is easily installed in the Plug & Play mode.


     A moment before your arrival home, the GPS system will provide information to the Connexoon switchboard, which in turn will give the opening command to the drive to the sliding and garage gate, and light on the corridor.

Full control of inputs and outputs

     With one click on your smartphone, you can check the number of entrances and exits, as well as the alarm status. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your home is safe, even if you are in a different place.
connexoon smartphone

Drive Ixengo L 3S io swing gate

  • It supports gates whose wings have a length of up to 4m and weigh up to 400 kg
  • He works freely up to 60 cycles a day
  • In the closed position they have a gate clamping function
  • Individual key for unlocking, easy unlocking and manual opening of the gate (if necessary only by the owner of the drive to the gate)
  • Easy adjustment of magnetic limit switches
  • Full functionality of controlling the secure two-way radio protocol and o
  • Control over the internet
  • 3-year warranty for the operator for the swing gate
leaf gate Ixengo


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