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Connexoon + Elixo 500 3S io system control + drive for sliding gate

Promotional set Connexoon + Elixo 500 3S and by Somfy (intelligent home control unit and drive for sliding gate together cheaper by as much as 27%)


1. Connexoon - control panel

2. Elixo 500 3S io - drive for the sliding gate

3. Keygo remote control (1 piece) supports up to 4 devices

4. Set of Masters Pro Bitech photocells (2 pieces)

Two-way communication and io

io system

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Promotional set CONNEXOON + Elixo 500 3S io

Provide yourself with a bit of comfort by controlling the Somfy gate drive using a smartphone.
After a hard day's work, when you get closer to your home, you do not have to think about where the pilot is. The pilot is always with me if the smartphone is with me.


drive for sliding gate Elixo

The most important advantages and benefits

  1.      Mobile access to Somfy devices
  2.      You create new scenarios of connected devices (alarm, lighting, gate drives)

Central CONNEXOON Access system

connexoon access


  • Make yourself comfortable and open the gate, garage door, turn on the light in the house for a moment before returning with one button on your smartphone. Then close all gates and doors automatically when you park your car.

Easy assembly of the device

  • It is not necessary to access the Internet at the installation site to mount the device and connect devices such as a gate drive. Connexoon Access is easily installed in Plug & Play mode

Welcome at home

  • The GPS system detects that you are approaching your home and just before your arrival (in accordance with the settings) will transmit a signal to the Connexoon system, which will give the command to open the drive to the gate and garage and light before the arrival.

Full access control

  • You can check the number of zones and alarm status with one click on your smartphone, thanks to which you can make sure that your home is safe, even if you are in a different place.
connexoon system


Drive for the sliding gate Elixo 500 3S io

Durable, durable and quiet drive for sliding gates.
3S control panel: easy installation, possibility of setting operating parameters, intuitive operation.

Reliability and durability of the drive for gates

  •      Work up to 30 cycles per day for a gate weighing 500 kg and a length of 8 meters
  •      At the final stage, gentle closing of the gate
  •      A proven mechanical system using 30 years of manufacturer's experience
Comfortable use and safety

  •      The advantage of speed: in 15 sec. moving the gate by 3 meters
  •      It is possible to unlock the sliding gate with the key from the inside
  •      Silent work
  •      Locking the gate drive thanks to photocells
Elixo 500 3s driving gate

Io-homecontrol® technology

  1.  Ability to connect to all Somfy products made in technology and
  2.  Each bi-directional transmitter receives a feedback signal from the controlled object. This means that we can check on a regular basis whether the device has carried out the command given to the very end, eg the sliding gate has been closed
  3.   The connection to the TaHoma system enables remote control of the drive and control of the position in which the sliding gate is currently located.



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