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Home Center Lite

HC Lite is a small control panel for controlling home appliances via the Z-Wave protocol.


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High power in a small device

The FIBARO central system can be installed in any facility, even when fully finished. Wireless communication in Z-Wave technology does not require any renovation or costly modifications.
The compact Home Center Lite control panel is equipped with a powerful Cortex A8 processor, which draws a small current from the network. The high performance of the device gives you the ability to control a large object and manage up to 230 devices in



 Treat yourself to the satisfaction of planning your command center

The system will be tailored to your needs, caring for the safety of your family. The menu and configurator included in the system allows you to manage your home according to your preferences and habits. You can set up, change tables, icons or names in any way, and put the most important information in the foreground.



The new Home Center Lite control panel enables even greater integration of home media with the FIBARO System. For this you do not need any other controller than your smartphone or tablet. Everything is turned on and reacts autonomously on the basis of predetermined scenarios. Manage your home devices such as TV, home cinema, Hi-Fi system from the FIBARO application. Use fixed scenes and associations, switch channels and adjust the volume.


It will inform you about the dangers


The FIBARO system via the Home Center Lite central will immediately send you information about a threatening fire, flooding, burglary or gas leakage. At the moment of danger, the FIBARO system will disconnect the water when the hydraulic system proves to be faulty. When it detects that the gas escapes, it will cut off its tributary, air the flat and inform about the incident. Detecting an intrusion attempt, it will trigger an alarm, call protection and provide preview from the mounted cameras directly to your mobile phone.


Fire fibaro


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